Manes Peace Prize 2022 Awarded to Life’s WORC
Life's WORC | Press

During the Life’s Worc 50th Anniversary Gala held on April 1, Dr. Harvey Manes awarded Life’s Worc with the 2022 Manes American Peace Prize. This award also included a check for the amount of $50,000.  “Over many years, I have had the privilege of witnessing Life’s Worc make the world a better place for so many,  and I am honored to be able to continue to support this organization,” said Dr. Manes.

Life’s Worc is a Garden City-based nonprofit organization that provides services for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities including autism spectrum disorder. 

The Life’s Worc 50th Anniversary Gala honored its founder Victoria Schneps-Yunis, who is also the founding president of Long Island Press parent company Schneps Media. The event also honored Geraldo Rivera, the TV reporter whose series exposed poor conditions at the Willowbrook State School, at the time this country’s largest institution serving children with developmental disabilities.