The Manes Foundation Donates to Support Inclusion and Diversity in the Arts!

Dr. Harvey Manes, founder of the Manes Peace Prize Foundation, whose foundation has donated over a million dollars to numerous charities and is a passionate art collector of prominent artists like Andy Warhol, Keith Haring, Pablo Picasso, and Salvador Dali, has now found beauty in young artists with special needs after a visit to our Center.

Dr. Manes saw not only the beauty of the students’ artwork but the value to our society by showcasing inclusion and diversity in the arts. He is well aware of the positive impact creative expression has on the world.

On his initial visit to the Spirit of Huntington, Dr. Manes was immediately impressed with the fantastic Artists Come Alive program and overwhelmed by the dedication, enthusiasm and passion of the Directors and their staff. He was so moved by the love and commitment to those they serve, that Dr. Manes is donating $100,000 to support the classes we hold here at the Center. With this gift, the Center will be able to hire additional staff, purchase new desks, chairs, easels and monitors and help spread the word of the power and beauty of art to everyone!

Dr. Manes also purchased a beautiful piece of art created in our Artists Come Alive class that was being exhibited in the famous Agora Gallery in Chelsea Art District, NYC as part of our ArtABILITY Show. ArtABILITY is a traveling special needs art exhibition organized by the Spirit of Huntington Art Center that showcases the talents of individuals on Long Island living with various physical and cognitive impairments. Its purpose is to educate the community about the remarkable talents of people with disabilities, inspire people to reach beyond their limitations to explore their own creativity, and promote the inclusion of people with disabilities in the arts. The show also be featured in July at Hamptons Fine Art Festival and in the fall at the Manes Center for Art and Education at The Nassau County Museum of Art.

Dr. Manes believes in our vision and is committed to supporting the new Community Art Center called Rise in Spirt which will include Rise Life Services, The Spirit of Huntington Art Center, and North Shore Dance to offer art, music, dance, and creative expression for everyone!

To celebrate such a generous donation, we held an unveiling of the Manes classroom and an open house event attended by local Suffolk County Legislators, Tom Donnelly and Stephanie Bontempi, who had nothing but praise and support for our Center.

Thank you so much for your graciously generous donation, Dr. Manes!