The Manes Fine Arts Award
Manes Peace Prize

The Manes Peace Prize Foundation is pleased to offer an opportunity to your art students by creating a new program that will acknowledge those students who are artistically talented and are considering a career as an artist. The MPP Foundation will begin to offer these special students in your school the opportunity to receive a $1000 award (Manes Fine Arts Award) for a work of art (painting, drawing, sculpture) that they have created.

Each participating high school in Nassau County should pick 3 art students to receive the award. Your art department can decide how to pick the winning students. I suggest the awards be given during the time other awards are presented, possibly at graduation. In addition, the winners will then have their work of art displayed at the Nassau County Museum of Art and participate in another opportunity to win a $5000 scholarship in a juried exhibition at the Museum.

Please let me know if your school would like to participate in this new and exciting awards program that will be offered on a annual basis for young artists.

Sincerely yours,

Harvey R. Manes, M.D., Esq.

Contact Dr. Manes at for additional information on this award.