Dr. Harvey Manes: Making a Pawsitive Impact in Long Beach, NY
Manes Peace Prize | Newsday | Press

In a heartwarming gesture, Dr. Harvey Manes recently donated $25,000 to the Humane Society in Long Beach, NY. His generous contribution underscores the vital role of the organization in caring for and finding homes for cats. Dr. Manes’s support is not just financial; it’s a testament to his deep commitment to animal welfare and compassion for our furry friends. This act of kindness serves as an inspiration for others to join in creating a community where every cat has a chance to thrive and find love.

“They take care of the cats, they feed the cats, they try to find homes, they try to find people to adopt and that’s an important thing,” said Dr. Harvey Manes, Founder of the Manes Peace Prize Foundation and LI Orthopedic Surgeon.