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In 2020, I had the opportunity to interview Dr. Harvey Manes on my podcast, also entitled “A Passion for Giving,” where we discussed his work with the Nassau County Museum of Art (you can listen to it on the ALINE Wealth website or Apple Podcasts.) When Harvey reached out to let me know about his upcoming honor at the Hamptons Fine Art Fair (HFAF,) I thought it fitting to sit down with him again to explore his passion for philanthropy, art collection and what motivates him to share his knowledge and resources for the next generation. Joining us is Rick Friedman, also a collector, philanthropist and entrepreneur and the HFAF Executive Director who created the region’s first fine art fair, ArtHamptons, 15 years years ago which ran for nearly a decade.


The HFAF, which runs September 2-5, serves as a joint fundraiser with the Southampton Arts Center (SAC) and is a celebration of the East End as a fertile, creative birthplace of some of the most significant American Art. The SAC, located at the former Parrish ARt Museum will be converted to a high-end art fair inside the museum building, as well as within two secure and climate-controlled pavilions and a VIP lounge in the sculpture garden. Here 40 select art galleries will feature work available to collectors from around the world ranging in price from $10,000 to $1M+.


When asked why Harvey was selected to be recognized as the 2021 Collector of the Year, Rick stated “I’ve been to his house and I’ve seen all of these tremendous works he has. Harvey buys regularly and he’s very generous with all of his donations and loans. It’s impressive,” said Rick. “A lot of people are very guarded with what they buy. The fact that he’s so open to sharing his collections makes him the patron saint of collecting so he can inspire other people to collect. He can be a paragon that they can look up to,” stated Rick. Harvey’s generosity extends beyond direct philanthropy,a s he believes it’s important to connect other donors to the right institutions. “One donor should bring in others, that’s how things evolve and grow,” said Harvey.


Harvey is a respected Orthopedic surgeon, attorney, art collector, art patron, philanthropist, teacher, founder of the Manes Art Foundation, and the Manes American Peace Prize Foundation, part-time sculptor as well as an author whose books include subjects such as collecting art, The Nobel Peace Prize and health, who in the late 1970’s, began what is now an impressive art collection of over 150 museum level pieces and growing. With lots of wall space across residences in Westhampton Beach, NYC and Plainview, he has the ability to keep collecting as well as sharing his collections with the public via his board position and donor status with the Nassau County Museum of Art located in Roslyn, NY. Harvey explained that “the Manes Art Foundation is a lending foundation that lends art to different institutions, museums and libraries that would like to have atr shown at their facilities.”


Taking inspiration from the Nobel Peace Prize, Harvey established the Manes-American Peace Prize Foundation in 2012 to recognize an American Individual who works to contribute to the promotion of peace between nations, races and religions, and people in general. Organizations are also recognized that contribute to the “good will” in the areas of health, education, art and welfare by fighting poverty and helping the underserved rise to the their own potential. A recent recipient of the Manes-American Peace Prize Foundation was the Nassau County Museum of Art which was awarded $1M to create The Manes Art & Education Center which provides a learning space committed to engaging members of the community in visual art experiences by providing a gateway to the creative process..


Harvey quoted Pablo Picasso “art wipes away from the soul, the dust of everyday life.” He continued, “I love when people see paintings that I own or that I don’t own when they come to museums, because you get away from the division in society and it’s all one, it’s all universal. It brings a sense of peace, thoughtfulness and connectivity to people when you look at art,” he said.


It was a pleasure to learn about Dr. Harvey Manes’ passion for giving and his commitment to sharing his art collection to inspire philanthropy, generosity and peace in others. To learn more about the Hamptons Fine Art Fair, please visit their website.


A Passion for Giving is a monthly column where financial and nonprofit foundation veteran Peter J. Klein, CFA – Chief Investment Officer/Founder of ALINE Wealth Management at Hightower Advisors and President/Treasurer of the Claire Friedlander Family Foundation, interviews local philanthropists to explore why they give and offer inspiration to others looking to make an impact. Peter has built a career immersed in analytics and the science of investing. He works to help clients align their finances with their values through philanthropy, navigating clients through family trusts, institutions and non-profits.


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